Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Qué no te vayas!

So I haven't posted anything in quite a while. That would be because the sun is finally shining and everyday has been spent on the beach! Since the last time I wrote I've gone to a music festival in Murcia, had my mum to visit and took her to Granada and Mojácar and last week I even finished work .


My last few days in school were a proper emotional challenge. Having little children hugging your waist asking you repeatedly "Qué no te vayas!" (Please don't go!) really isn't easy! I was inundated with cards and presents throughout the week and managed to get a picture with almost every class; unfortunately my sexto had gone on a school trip the week before so I didn't get much time to say goodbye to them. One of my classes had made a huge poster and another spent the last lesson making a picture book of me at the beach! I brought in some homemade chocolate chip cookies for the staffroom and some sweeties for the children. And tonight I'm having a little leaving party with some of my teachers in Aguadulce. I am truly truly sad to finish my work in Arco Iris- and I feel lucky that I've had the opportunity to have a job here that I really love. I will seriously miss the children SO MUCH, something which surprises me because I never thought of myself as much of a kid-person before. I'm kind of lost for words as to how to explain my time with the school , so I'll just leave you with all the beautiful smiling faces of a selection of my classes.