Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Things you will do when you come back from a year in Spain

1. Mix up your adjective and noun: lots of things different.

2. In fact just have problems with grammar in general: "I have 21 wait."

3. Get very anxious when you don't know how to say hello to someone.

4. Say goodbye far too loudly when exiting shops.

5. Start listening to all that Spanish music you only half listened to when you were actually there.

6. Miss olive oil.

7. Feel a little glow when shop assistants are nice and polite. You've forgotten what that was like!

8. Find it very difficult to calculate getting ready/pre drink/ going out times.

9. Roll your 'r's to yourself just in case you lose the skill.

10. Find yourself staring adoringly at your kettle, wondering how you ever coped without it.

11. Go on Google street view and walk down the places you lived when you were there. Just like you did for places at home when you were away!

12. Look back at what you wore when you were there and realise just how bright your jeans were. 

13. Bond with everyone else you know who was on a year abroad in Spain, because they are the only people who will listen to reggaeton with you while drunk.

14. Not do any of the things you promised yourself you'd do to keep up with the language i.e. reading El Pais, watching Almodóvar films.

15. However you will make up for this lack of practise by insisting upon talking incessantly to any Spanish people you meet, regardless of how annoying you found it in Spain when people only wanted to talk to you in English.  

16. Notice that 'Poundland' is actually just a chino shop but with a much less racist name.

17. Be amazed at the fact that places like Tesco stay open past 9pm yet horrified that clothes shops close at around 5.

18. Realise just how awful your Spanish work was pre-Spain. Honestly how was I even passing?


20. Try to make tortilla de patatas and fail miserably.

21. Appreciate where you're from ten times more and feel a little sad that you know more about where you stayed in Spain than your own city.